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A new diary symbolises the start of another new year. The empty pages not yet filled with meetings, actions and notes, but rather clear pages which hold the promise of the many productive days and business successes ahead of us. An exhilarating sense of anticipation for what one will achieve in the year ahead and the progress that we will make as we go from one month to the next.

As leaders and managers at different levels and different places, how we allocate the most important resource at our disposal, time, will be fundamental to our success. It needs to be done in a way that considers the critical objectives of our company and our strategic partners, that allows for alignment across the different functions so that we are able to continuously integrate.

By sequencing our activities, it will allow us to optimise what MTN does and be seen as a unified organisation that works in a cohesive way. It is this characteristic that will ensure MTN retains its market leadership position through the relentless delivery of a positive customer experience.

So all I ask, is that you constantly reflect on how one is deploying this most valuable resource. That you are thinking about the impact your actions will always have on those around you and most importantly, how it will eventually benefit the customer. This will be a very effective navigation mechanism and will ensure your own personal success during the year.

I wish you all a successful and prosperous 2015!

Brian Gouldie
Chief Executive Officer,
MTN Uganda