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What has changed?
We have changed our customer care helplines numbers. The new number through which ALL MTN customers will get assistance is 100.

Why has the change happened?
The Uganda Communications Commission, the government regulator of all telecommunication services now requires all telecom operators to use a standardized number as a Customer Helpline. This is aimed at improving customers User Experience. This requirement is for all operators in Uganda and not unique to MTN.

What are the details of this change?
The 123 (General Helpline), 121(Postpaid customers helpline), 125 (priority customers), 126 and (Data helpline) will all be migrated to 100.
Going forward, to get MTN customer support, customers will be required to call the new helpline 100.
Customers with Mobile Money queries will still be able to access support by calling the Mobile Money helpline on 122.

ALSO IMPORTANT TO NOTE: 121 which is currently the support helpline for Postpaid customers will support Voicemail going forward while the current Voicemail number 100 will be opened up to serve the customer support function

When did these changes take effect?
This is a phased project;
Following the migration of the numbers for loading airtime (155), checking balance (156) to 130 and 131 respectively, MTN is moving to the next phase of migrating all customer helplines to (100). The change takes/took effect on Sunday, 19th April 2015.

However, the old numbers will be in operation alongside the new number 100 for a substantial period whilst MTN embarks on an intensive and nationwide customer education campaign aimed at ensuring that customers across the country are aware of the changes and do not have their services disrupted over the next few months after these changes have happened.

Where is the new number applicable?
The number is applicable to all MTN Mobile voice customers who wish to get customer support through the MTN customer Call Centre. We have also began printing new airtime cards with the new number.