Privacy Policy

These Terms and Conditions govern the contractual relationship between MTN and the MTN Subscriber (“MTN Elite Member”) under the Program.


1.    Membership to the Program is by invitation only. Members will be identified at the discretion of MTN. 
2.    A membership will be valid for a period of two (2) years from the date that membership is issued to the MTN Elite Member.
3.    At the end of the membership term in 2 above, MTN Elite Members will have to qualify for membership renewal, as per MTN criteria. MTN will contact MTN Elite Members to confirm renewal of membership.
4.    All MTN Elite benefits are applicable only during the validity period of the membership.
5.    MTN Elite benefits apply to the holder of the membership and are not transferable to another MTN Subscriber, family member or third party.
6.    MTN shall issue all MTN Elite Members with a card to be used for identification when accessing benefits both from MTN and its Partners.

Use of the MTN Elite card
1.    The MTN Elite card: - 
1.1    Is the property of MTN.
1.2    Does not constitute a means of payment.
1.3    Is not transferable and may only be utilized by the MTN Elite Member whose name and phone number are on the MTN Elite card.
1.4    May not be lent, or sold and shall be deemed personal to the MTN Elite Member.
2.    The MTN Elite Member: -
2.1    Is responsible for all operations in relation to the MTN Elite card and will keep MTN indemnified for all acts and/or omissions of the MTN Elite Member relating to the MTN Elite card and/or the Program.
2.2    Shall respect these Terms and Conditions in order to be entitled to Program benefits.
2.3    Shall not commit fraud, or attempt any fraudulent act to obtain any benefit.
2.4    Shall if the MTN Elite card is lost or stolen, inform MTN immediately in writing.
3.    In order to take advantage of Program benefits, the MTN Elite Member shall show his/her card to MTN or the MTN Elite Partner, allowing the latter to take note of the card number and a photocopy of the card, if required. The MTN Elite Member shall also provide a personal identification document to confirm his/her identity, where required to do so.
4.    All benefits may not be sold, auctioned, bartered, brokered or purchased. Any benefits obtained in this manner by any person will be considered to have been fraudulently obtained and will be deemed void if transferred for cash, or other consideration.
5.    All benefits are subject to availability and are not exchangeable for cash, prizes, credit or any other benefit.
6.    All use of the MTN Elite card shall be subject to any terms and conditions stipulated by the MTN Elite Partner.

Use of MTN Elite benefits
1    Participation in the Program, or use of the benefits implies the explicit and unconditional acceptance of these Terms and Conditions by the MTN Elite Member. These Terms and Conditions supersede any previous communication, agreement and/or understanding of whatever nature on the subject.
2    MTN is in no way the provider of the MTN Elite Partner services and/or products under the Program and will not be responsible for the fitness of purpose, quality, substance, or any other aspect of any products and/or services offered by the MTN Elite Partner under the Program, or in any other manner.
3    The MTN Elite Member by taking benefit of any services and/or products under the Program, agrees to indemnify MTN, its Directors, employees and/or agents, against any claim of any nature, whether for loss, or damages, direct or indirect, arising out of, or pursuant to the implementation of the Program.
4    The MTN Elite Member by taking benefit of any services and/or products under the Program, agrees to indemnify MTN, its Directors, employees and/or agents, against any claim as a result of termination, withdrawal, cancellation and/or amendment of any benefits, or the Program.

1    MTN reserves the right to add, modify, terminate, or delete in whole, or in part, these Terms and Conditions, or any other aspect relating to the Program, including the Program period, at any time, at its discretion, without notice, or prior communication.
2    If the MTN Elite Member continues to utilize the card after the above mentioned alterations, or changes, he/she is deemed to have accepted any such alterations.
3    If the MTN Elite Member does not accept the altered and/amended Terms and Conditions and/or Program, he/she may terminate his/her participation in the Program by returning the card to MTN with a written withdrawal.
4    MTN reserves the right to add, modify, or delete any benefit, product, service, feature, or the Program structure at any time, at its discretion and without notice.

Communication: -
1    All information and details related to the MTN Elite Program, in particular with respect to additional services provided by an MTN Elite Partner and conditions related thereto, shall be communicated to the MTN Elite Member through the MTN Elite brochure, on the MTN website at www.mtn.co.ug/EliteProgram.
2    An MTN Elite Member will be provided with all information related to the MTN Elite Program by MTN, on an ongoing basis, which shall include but not be limited to Program service messages and messages from MTN Elite Partners.
3    MTN will communicate to MTN Elite Members using any channel deemed appropriate including but not limited to SMS and Email.

Suspension, Cancellation, Termination or Withdrawal of the MTN Elite card
1.    Any MTN Elite Member who commits acts of misconduct, engages in fraud, abuses MTN Elite benefits and/or fails to adhere to these Terms and Conditions will have his/her membership terminated. All of his/her benefits and privileges shall cease forthwith and the MTN Elite card will become void immediately.
2.    At any time, the MTN Elite Member may decide to cancel his/her membership in the Program by communicating in writing to MTN, stipulating his/ her desire to cancel.  Cancellation means complete withdrawal from the Program.
3.    Any use of the MTN Elite card that does not comply with these Terms and Conditions will be subject to appropriate administrative and/or legal action. MTN reserves the right to take appropriate action including without limitation, the immediate cancellation of the MTN Elite card and/or benefits related to the MTN Elite card, without entitling the MTN Elite Member to claim compensation.
4.    Misuse of the MTN Elite Card, or Program benefits may result in immediate termination, or suspension of, or withdrawal of the MTN Elite card and the related benefits.
5.    MTN reserves the right to terminate the Program at any time, for any reason whatsoever and reserves the right to withdraw the card and the benefits related to it, from any MTN Elite Member, at any time, without providing any reason to the MTN Elite Member.

Dispute: -

In case of a dispute between the MTN Elite Member and MTN, the decision of MTN management will be binding on both parties.