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MTN HollaZone FAQs.

What is HollaZone?
HollaZone is an evolution of MTNZone.

What does HollaZone give me?
Holla Zone gives me 20MB and 50sms free every day between midnight and 5am in addition to the calls at 19/- per minute that MTN Zone gives at the same time.

Can I browse using this bundle?

Where can I send the free SMS?
Free 50sms is MTN-MTN.

What happens if I finish my limit of 20MB or 50SMS before 5am?
You can buy another bundle or your normal bundle will be consumed.

How do I register for MTN HollaZone?
Dial *157# and follow the prompts.

If am not on zone, can I access Holla Zone?
No. To access HollaZone, you must first be on MTNZone