Privacy Policy



Please ensure that anyone using your account to access MTN (U) Internet Service agrees with this Policy and is aware of their obligations under it. This extends to your children or Users of your household or your employees or office workers (for pro Users) or any one accessing the network through your home or office.

What can MTN Internet service not be used for?

1. Unlawful, fraudulent, criminal or otherwise illegal activities
2. Sending, receiving, publishing, posting, distributing, disseminating, encouraging the receipt of, uploading, downloading or using any material which is offensive, abusive, defamatory, indecent, obscene, unlawful, harassing or menacing or a breach of the copyright, trademark, intellectual property, confidence, privacy or any other rights of any person
3. Use of GPRS, CDMA and MTN Broadband for Commercial purposes, these products can’t be used for direct re-sale (Internet Cafes); Customers with Dedicated MTN Internet products can however use their bandwidth for Direct Re-sale.
4. Knowingly or negligently transmitting or uploading any electronic material (including, without limit, files that contain viruses, corrupted files, or any other similar software or programmes) which is known or likely to cause, interrupt, damage, destroy or limit the functionality of any computer software, hardware or telecommunications equipment owned by MTN or any other Internet user or person.
5. Activities that invade another’s privacy, cause annoyance, inconvenience or needless anxiety to any person
6. Activities that are in breach of any other third party’s rights, including downloading, installation or distribution of pirated software or other inappropriately licensed software, deletion of any author attributions, legal notices or proprietary designations or labels in any file that is uploaded, falsification of the origin or source of any software or other material
7. Anything that may disrupt or interfere with MTN(U) network or services or cause a host or the network to crash
8. Launching “denial of service” attacks; “mail bombing” attacks; or “flooding” attacks against a host or network
9. Making excessive use of, or placing unusual burdens on, the network, for example by sending or receiving large volumes of email or excessively large email attachments
10. Circumventing the user authentication or security process of a host or network.
11. Creating, transmitting, storing or publishing any virus, Trojan, corrupting programme or corrupted data
12. Streaming

What about security?

You are responsible for ensuring that any User ID and/or password selected by you remain confidential so that the network cannot be used by any unauthorized person.
The user ID and/or password referred to include, but are not limited to, those controlling access to (a) any computer hardware systems or networks; (b) any computer software or applications; or (c) any other services accessed by you in the use of either of the above.
You shall not disclose any User ID or password to any third party, or use the same for any purpose connected with the improper use of the network including accessing or attempting to access other parts of the services for which you do not have access rights.
You are responsible for taking all reasonable steps necessary to prevent a third party obtaining access to your network or your Personal Computer.
You must protect your network from any external attack through hacking or Virus intrusion, so we expect you to have the necessary software or hardware tools in place to mitigate this sort of attack
You must immediately advise us if you become aware of any violation or suspected violation of these Security provisions.

What about usage by kids and others without you knowing?

No excuse. You are responsible for all uses made of MTN Internet service through your account (whether authorized or unauthorized) and for any breach of this Policy whether an unacceptable use occurs or is attempted, whether you knew or should have known about it, whether or not you carried out or attempted the unacceptable use alone, contributed to or acted with others or allowed any unacceptable use to occur by omission.
You agree that MTN (U) is not responsible for any of your activities in using the network. Although the Internet is designed to appeal to a broad audience, it’s your responsibility to determine whether any of the content accessed via MTN Internet service is appropriate for children or others in your household or office to view or use.

Anything else you should know?

Spam is evil. MTN (U) Ltd reserves the right to block any emails that have the characteristics of spam. You’ll be contacted by MTN (U) Ltd if any emails sent by you are blocked for this reason. Any spamming activity may result in suspension or termination of your service at MTN (U) Ltd option and sole discretion.

What about excessive network usage?

If it’s felt that any MTN (U) Ltd Users Internet activities are so excessive that other Users are detrimentally affected, MTN (U) Ltd may give the member generating the excessive web traffic a written warning (by email or otherwise). In extreme circumstances, should the levels of activity not immediately decrease after the warning, MTN (U) Ltd may terminate that member’s services.
Please note that this will not apply to dedicated MTN Internet customers and MTN Broadband customers purchasing dedicated volumes bundles (e.g. 200Mb, 500Mb etc). MTN configures packet shaping for customers with dedicated circuits so excessive usage of the service by this customer doesn’t affect other subscribers.

What happens if the Policy is breached?

If any member’s use of these services constitute a breach of this Policy, MTN(U) Ltd may, at its option and discretion, either give the User notice to stop the unacceptable use(s) or terminate that member’s services (with or without notice as MTN(U) Ltd considers appropriate).

The following list details all the uses of MTN Internet service that we consider unacceptable - in other words, unfair usage. MTN maintains and promotes a policy of fair and acceptable usage at all times, so please ensure that any use of MTN’s services, by yourself or anyone in your household doesn’t in any way contradict the restrictions listed below. You will also find your responsibilities to help keep our network secure listed at the end of this Fair and acceptable usage policy.