Privacy Policy

Terms and Conditions of the MTN Billboard Photo Campaign on Facebook

  1. All eligible photos must have between 3 to 5 people including the submitting fan with at least 1 female and 1 male.
  2. All people in the photo must be aged between 18 to 30 years and will be required to submit proof thereof.
  3. All submitted photos must have an MTN product currently on market.  This can be a photo of people standing beside a mobile money stall or one of the fans wearing a T-Shirt of a new product or fans lining up for Sim Card Registration among others.  
  4. All participants should be law abiding citizens with no criminal history. 
  5. All photos must be socially and morally acceptable, and viewable by people of all ages. They should not contain nudity, prohibited drugs, alcohol, and illicit behaviors. 
  6. All the people in the winning photo must show evidence of being MTN subscribers with registered MTN Sim cards.
  7. There SHALL BE NO PAYMENTS made to any of the fans submitting photos and for being models on the MTN billboard for the winners. The ONLY reward is to appear on the MTN billboard by the winners.
  8. The reward will not be exchangeable for monetary rewards or any other reward from MTN.
  9. MTN shall acquire all COPYRIGHTS AND RIGHTS OF RE-USE in the winning photo without any obligation to the people in the photo. 
  10. By submitting your photo, you have allowed it to be used in the MTN competition and future advertisements if selected as the winner.
  11. In the event that the winning photo or fan does not meet the above requirements, the reward will be cancelled and the photo with the next highest number of activity (Likes, Comments and Shares) will be declared the winning photo.
  12. By submitting Photos into the competition, fans consent to these Terms and Conditions of the campaign.
  13. MTN staff are not eligible for this campaign. They can however encourage their relatives and friends to take part.