1. Twice a week (Wednesday & Saturday) a live Lotto Draw show will be run on NBS at 9.15pm, NTV at 9.50pm and Bukedde TV at 11pm.
  2. The lottery game is Lotto 6/45. Which means 6 balls (numbers) of 45 are selected at random from a lottery machine.
  3. Players will need to purchase a “lottery ticket” in order to stand a chance to win a cash prize.
  4. Any player who has purchased a ticket and has at least 3 matching numbers will win a cash prize.
  5. Any player who has 6 numbers that match the 6 numbers selected in the draw will win the “Jackpot”
  6. The Jackpot is a guaranteed minimum of UGX 200,000,000.
  7. Customers can buy tickets on any MTN mobile phone using *277# and MTN Mobile Money to pay for lottery tickets
  8. Customers can purchase tickets from 2 points from their phone
    a. Directly from the Mobile Money Menu
    b. Dialing *277#
  9. From either point customers would need to follow the below process
    a. Access the menu as above
    b. Select to purchase one “quick-pick” ticket
    c. Or Select to either buy multiple “quick-pick” tickets or select their own numbers
    d. Once the quantity and type of tickets have been selected, the player then confirm the selection and is sent a “bill prompt” from MTN Mobile Money
    e. After payment has been made a SMS is sent to the player confirming the ticket/s purchased
  10. After the draw players are notified by SMS if they have won one of the cash prizes.
  11. All prizes except for the “jackpot” will be paid into the customers Mobile Money account. The jackpot will be paid by EFT.


Who can buy tickets for Lottery Jackpot on the mobile?

Anyone over 18 years of age who is a resident of Uganda and physically located in Uganda at time of purchase, with a registered mobile money account on the MTN network can buy tickets for Play Lotto Jackpot on their mobile.

How do I purchase a ticket for Lotto Jackpot on my phone?

Simply dial *277# on your MTN enabled mobile phone. This will open a *277# session menu with options to either select your preferred numbers or allow the system to select random numbers for you to purchase a ticket. You then select the number of tickets to purchase and complete the payment of the ticket via your mobile money account.

Do I need to register as an agent or need a special account number before I can buy a Lotto Jackpot ticket on my mobile?

Any MTN subscriber with a registered mobile money account can purchase lottery tickets and play. Payment for your tickets is done through your mobile money wallet.

Can I check my numbers either selected for me by the system or myself on my mobile device after purchasing my ticket?

Yes. After payment is completed for any transaction, an SMS confirming your selected numbers is sent to your mobile device. Every SMS shall also display a ticket receipt number, which will be used to authenticate your winnings.

How many tickets can I buy on my mobile?

You can purchase up to 20 tickets at a time. Tickets are for a single draw. If you would like purchase more tickets after any one transaction, you would need to follow instructions after a purchase to return to the main menu.

How do I choose my numbers?

You have two options to choose your numbers.

  • Quick Pick: Option 1 allows you to instruct the Lotto system to select 6 random numbers between 1 and 45 for you.
  • Choose Your Own Numbers: The second option is to choose your own numbers. By selecting option 2 on the main menu, you will need to also select the number of tickets you wish to purchase. After this, you then enter your 6 lucky numbers between 1 and 45 separating each number with a comma. It’s that easy.

Can I cancel my purchase?

No. Once a ticket purchase is placed it cannot be cancelled. Make sure to double-check your selections before you confirm payment.

How do I know if I won?

You can simply dial *277# and select option 3 from the menu to see the most recent winning numbers. An SMS will also be sent to you if your ticket wins a prize in the Draw.

How do I claim my prizes?

Prizes under UGX500,000 will be paid directly into your mobile money account and you'll be able to access those funds as soon as the transfer is complete. Prizes over UGX500,000 may be transferred into a designated bank account or by cheque.