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MTN PerMinute

When the extra minute counts less, but goes further!
MTN PayAsYouGo PerMinute is best suited for those the movers and shakers who need the time to stay on the call longer.

This is a per minute billing plan, ideal for those who mainly make long phone calls. With MTN PerMinute you’re always on top!


Activate MTN PayAsYouGo Per Second by simply dialing *151*1#
FREE to activate and deactivate.
International call destinations are divided into zones by country, click International to view list.
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 To Other Local Networks



 Messaging Rates


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 Data Rates

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 MTN Mobile Internet (per kb)


 MTN Video Call


Rates tax inclusive, in Uganda Shillings & per minute/message unless specified.


Peak Hours: 8am - 9pm

Off-Peak Hours: 9pm - 8am Monday - Friday, all day Saturday,  Sunday and Public Holidays

Video calling possible if both you and your recipient have capable handsets.
MTN recommended services to enhance your experience:

Calling International Zones

Reach the world, whenever you want from anywhere in Uganda. Call Zone Destinations:

Zone 1 Canada, China, France, Hongkong, India, Malaysia, Singapore, Sweden, Thailand, USA
Zone 2 Australia, Belgium, Denmark, Egypt, Germany, Iraq, Israel, Italy, Japan, Malawi, Netherlands, Nigeria, Norway, Pakistan, Russia, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, South Korea, Sri Lanka, Sudan, UAE, UK
Zone 3 MTN Home & Away (Safaricom Kenya, Vodacom Tanzania, MTN Rwanda)
Zone 4 East Africa (Non-Home & Away Partner Networks)
Zone 5 Estonia, Guinea Republic, Eriteria, Somalia
Zone 6 Cuba
Zone 7 Satellite (Thuraya)
Zone 8 Satellite (Iridium & Inmarsat)
Zone 9 Rest Of the World
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At MTN we also give every customer 15MB for FREE at the beginning of each month. This 15MB is valid for 7 days.

Manage your MTN Mobile Internet account

Visit the portal at OR You can dial *150*1# and access any of the following services.

You can buy a bundle.

  • You can buy a bundle for another number
  • You can check your internet bundle balance.
  • You can activate the per kb if your bundle has run out by selecting Use Airtime Account.
  Bundle   Validity
  10MB   24 hours   300
  20MB   500
  50MB   1,200
  50MB   1 Week   2,500
  25MB   1 Month   1,500
  100MB   4,500 
  350MB   14,000
  500MB   20,000 
  1GB   37,500  
  3GB   75,000
 5GB   100,000
 10GB   125,000
 30GB   285,000
 1GB   3 Months   48,750
 3GB   97,500
 5GB   130,000
 10GB   162,500
 30GB   370,500


  Bundle   Validity
  1 Month   4,500
 350MB   14,000
 500MB   20,000
 1GB   37,500
  3GB   75,000
 5GB   100,000
 10GB   125,500
 30GB  285,500

Please Note;
  • Bundle validity is based on date and time of purchase i.e. a 10MB bundle valid for 24 hours that is activated at 11:30am on Monday, will expire on Tuesday at 11:30am.
  • You can top up your bundle before it expires. e.g. if you have 100MB that is expiring tomorrow 11:30am and you have used only 60MB – when you top up before 11:30am with another 100MB you will have 140MB in total. 
  • When you purchase multiple bundles, they are totalled up into one bundle with one expiry date. 
  • Any unused balance when a bundle expires will be forfeited. 
  • When your bundle expires, you will be redirected to the MTN Mobile Internet selfcare page where you can activate another bundle or activate per Kb charging. 
  • Using the MTN Mobile Internet selfcare page you can load bundles for yourself or another number as well as checking bundle balance.
  • All rates are tax inclusive.
  • Per kb rate: UGX 0.80
  • 1,000 bytes = 1KB; 1,000KB = 1MB etc
Setting up your phone for the first time
Using your internet compatible Handset g
et the required data settings by either:
  • Send a BLANK SMS to short code 188.
  • Accept & save the settings that you receive as Default.
  • For some phones, you will be prompted to save the settings as Default, press Yes/Ok.
  • To setup the phone manually, insert the details below;
Profile Name :
APN (Access Point Name) : internet
Proxy :

Proxy Port :
Session mode:
**Leave this Blank**
Username :
**Leave this Blank**
Password :
**Leave this Blank**

 Note: Consult your handset manual for the accurate procedure of the settings input.

Update your Modem Software.  
  • This is an update for your MTN Mobile Internet Modem interface.
  • Click HERE to begin.
  • Click Open or Run.
  • Open the folder marked Modem Update.
  • Then click on the file named Setup.exe
  • Click YES when the pop-up appears.
  • In case of any problems, click HERE to contact us.   
Note: MTN Internet Service Terms & Conditions apply and customers are advised to abide by the MTN Internet Fair Usage Policy