Community Initiatives
 MTN Kampala Marathon

Sponsorship and Events

Christian Communities

MTN sponsors Christian crusades through out the country, and has seen evangelists such as Benny Hinn, Creflo Dollar as well as local events such as the RIOT Conference for Youth.

MTN 4G LTE Launch

MTN Uganda is today launching its upgraded 4G LTE service. The event is taking place at MTN Towers, Kampala and is being livestreamed by Uganda’s Internet Leader.  Sit Back, Relax and Catch all the action.

MTN APP Challenge.

The MTN APP Challenge is a 3 day event in which local innovators are coming together to create Mobile Applications for use on Mobile devices i.e. Phones & Tablets. The event has started today, Friday 29th May 2015 and will run up to Sunday 31st May.  

Muslim Communities

MTN sponsors various mosques within Uganda during the Holy Month of Ramadhan through the donation of dry food rations to needing muslims after the break of fast.

Tribal Kingdoms

Uganda boasts of over 64 tribes, some of which have kingdoms. And at MTN we try to make sure they are all recognized.